Jennifer Fisher, her name is known to world celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Katy Perry, Michelle Obama, Rihanna, Selena Gomez, etc. The beautiful and unique jewelry designs are not only in demand by world artists, but also the general public. Recently Jennifer launched her new jewelry product that is environmentally friendly.


Speaking of jewelry, not all of the material is obtained in an environmentally friendly way. Jewelry that uses diamonds, for example, is usually obtained by mining precious stones. The mining process sometimes hurts the surrounding environment. The sad story behind diamond mining was even raised in a film called Blood Diamond.


Often people don’t care about their surroundings. For the sake of getting the maximum benefit people are willing to hurt others and the environment. Diamond mining can be damaging to the environment if it is not done in a responsible way or it can also result in human exploitation because it does not fulfill the rights of workers and their families. For this reason, a special certificate has now been provided which indicates that a piece of jewelry is obtained in an environmentally friendly manner, as is also owned by Jennifer Fisher’s jewelry brand.


Jennifer Fisher Jewelry

Jennifer began her career as a fashion stylist living in Los Angeles. This beautiful Californian woman initially underwent her profession in filmmaking, television shows, and advertisements in New York and Los Angeles for ten years. After that, she met a man who later became her husband until now, Kevin, and then quit her job.


After giving birth to her first child, Jennifer began to be interested in the jewelry business. Her first designs turned out to attract the attention of friends, family, and even strangers who she didn’t know. Having received positive support from the surroundings, Jennifer Fisher Jewelry was born in 2005.


Jennifer uses a lot of diamonds in her jewelry designs. She realized that everyone has different tastes and views of jewelry or diamonds. Their views often change from time to time. However, this blonde woman is already accustomed to it and can quite easily do it, especially regarding the views of her millennial customers.


Nowadays people are starting to wonder about the origin of diamonds in Jennifer’s jewelry. They want to make sure that the jewelry they use is made without harming anyone and leaves no carbon footprint that can pollute the environment. At the same time, Jennifer received many requests for diamond stud earrings, so she thought that it was the perfect opportunity to make her jewelry more sustainable.


Jennifer Fisher X Diamond Foundry

Jennifer’s new collection of “micro-stud” diamonds is made in the lab, in collaboration with Diamond Foundry, which is a diamond-lab manufacturer in America. They together grow diamonds in the laboratory of Diamond Foundry. The process is brief: Diamond Foundry starts with a rough piece of diamond, places it in a plasma hydrogen reactor, adds carbon dioxide and methane, then two weeks later the diamond will “grow” and can be cut into pieces as needed and polished.


Even though the diamonds grow in the lab, that doesn’t mean it’s a synthetic diamond or an artificial chemical reaction. The diamond produced is 100% authentic. Jennifer’s diamond stud jewelry will start from 0.15 carats and the biggest is 1.0 carats. Each piece of jewelry will be made to order and priced accordingly, but smaller studs will cost around $ 900.


Jennifer made this collection to give her customers the choice between diamond mining or diamonds that grow in the lab. She wants the customer knows where the precious stones came from Jennifer’s jewelry. If they want to know where the stone comes from, then they can choose Diamond Foundry.


All diamonds owned by Jennifer, whether mined or not, are certified to be conflict-free. However, before reaching Jennifer’s hands, the diamonds have passed through many hands so there is no way to know every detail of their journey. For that reason, it would be wise to prefer diamonds that are truly environmentally friendly such as Diamond Foundry, which collaborates with Jennifer Fisher.


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