Immy Lucas from London made a healthy lifestyle look very good. Lucas uses her social media account to advocate for zero waste, environment, and veganism, offering tips on how to reduce waste with things like making your own snacks or cosmetics.


The Low Impact Movement that she founded includes all values ​​being plant-based, reducing waste, minimalism, and ethics, without preaching or embarrassing people because they are not 100% zero waste at any time. She made the movement in February 2018 because she felt guilty not 100% free of waste. She can feel the frustration in her community and begin to realize how excluded some people feel.


Lucas wanted more action from the movements she followed and wondered why nothing combined all the values ​​she has, which were plant-based, without waste, minimalist and ethical. This is the reason why she started to become an activist on social media.


Through the Low Impact Movement, she can truly engage with like-minded people and build communities that care about each other. She felt that this was the most satisfying work she had ever had.


The Challenges Faced By Immy Lucas

Not doing old habits anymore and creating something new is very difficult so it took Lucas two years to become vegan and really find the environmental benefits of a more plant-based diet. Initially, she saw veganism as an ideal version of herself from the other side. However, she often failed because she had no real connection with the vegan lifestyle.


In the end, she watched a documentary that took her through every industry and highlighted how each person treated humans and animals arbitrarily. Ultimately the only choice is to move forward in a more ethical way and the first step towards sustainability is to know that the vegan diet is not exactly the same as being ethical, organic, or sustainable.


Eating bananas that have been sent from Colombia, soybeans from China or oranges from Seville is quite contrary to the claim of being a sustainable vegan. The more you study, the more you realize how much impact we consume.


Immy Lucas and Sustainability Education

The sustainability education she has is like the Pandora’s Box, the more she reads the more she understands how chaotic the world is. On the other hand, however, it also made her realize how many extraordinary people out there are doing things that are quite astonishing for the green movement.


Being vegan, reading The China Study, and watching endless documentaries about climate change and plastic pollution really changed the direction of her personal life and career.


“Taking your first step towards sustainability is scary but also very interesting. You must think first, and let yourself make as many mistakes as possible. This is how you really learn and it also makes it much more fun, “Lucas emphasized.


Immy Lucas suggests choosing one thing to start, whether it reduces consumption in general or uses a coffee cup that can be reused. Once you begin to successfully apply new habits to your daily life, reducing these impacts will be easier.


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