Podcasts about sustainable fashion sometimes make people lazy to listen because for us listening to podcasts is a time to relax. The desire to know the world of sustainable fashion with easy language is higher because there are more people aware of the fashion industry and how it relates to modern slavery, animal cruelty, or pollution.


After a day of work, listening to podcasts in a serious way will be tiring. That is why here a list of sustainable and ethical fashion podcasts that have been collected for you to follow. This list of podcasts is a continuation of the previous podcast list.


So listen, rest your eyes and get information about fashion that is important for you to know.


List of Ethical Fashion Podcast

1.Spirit of 608 Podcast

The Spirit of 608 podcasts is a podcast that explores the relationship between fashion, entrepreneurship, sustainability and technology aka FEST (and celebrates the women who make fest such as Lorraine Sanders, fashion journalist and podcast carrier. Sanders only focuses on FEST and explains why this is the future of the fashion industry and aims to empower the women who involved in it.


  1. American Fashion Podcast

Charles Beckwith and Cathy Schepis are hosts of the American Fashion Podcast weekly that discuss topics related to the fashion industry, ranging from human trafficking, employee abuse to intellectual property theft. They also talk about how the fashion industry is literally a dirty business. How and why this is one of the most polluting industries. By highlighting this, they discuss how listeners can find a balance between the social and environmental aspects of fashion without sacrificing your daily style.


Additional List of Ethical Fashion Podcast

  1. Fashion Revolution Podcast

In the Fashion Revolution Podcast, Tamsin Blanchard owner of this podcast, she investigated the problem behind fast fashion. Speaking to garment workers, supply chain experts, activists, and politicians, she explained the hidden facts behind fashion production and the fabric trade. There are only four episodes for listeners to listen to, but that’s all you really need to begin to understand the true costs of the fashion industry and start asking, “Who Made My Clothes?”


  1. 4. Who Made My Clothes

Fashion Revolution from Australia and New Zealand and Jackrabbit.fm worked together to create a podcast of Who Made My Clothes in recognition of the Revolutionary Fashion Week held in 2017 a few years ago.


5.Fashion Unzipped

Podcasts from The Telegraph that focus on fashion, ‘Fashion Unzipped‘ is guided by Charlie Gowans-Eglinton who is often with other top fashion editors in every interview. In this audio room, Charlie not only discusses what’s trending in the latest fashion week like in London, Milan and New York, but she also runs through giving current season style guides. In addition, she also handles serious topics related to fashion such as sizeism, women’s rights, and supply chain transparency.


  1. Fashion No Filter

Monica Ainley’s style of the show at Fashion No Filter is to treat the podcasts like traditional radio shows where they discuss fashion and interview guests from industry, in ways that are fun but enrich the listeners’ knowledge. Returning to the sharing method vigorously and uncovering important fashion issues and creating a valuable performance experience that makes this podcast unique.


So is a list about ethical fashion podcast that you can listen to in your spare time to gain deeper knowledge about what the negative effects of fast fashion are and the need to switch to a more sustainable fashion.


Ethical Fashion Podcast Ethical Fashion Podcast Ethical Fashion Podcast Ethical Fashion Podcast

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