Edelweiss flowers with the Latin name Leontopodium Alpinum are known as an eternal flower. This plant contains a hormone called ethylene which functions to prevent loss of the fragile petals. Thanks to this hormone, edelweiss flowers can bloom for up to 10 years. This flower grows on rocks that are at an altitude of 1,800 to 3,000 meters above sea level.


In the days of ancient civilization, this flower used as raw material for natural herbal medicines to treat various types of diseases such as tuberculosis, diarrhea, and diphtheria. This is due to the presence of anti-oxidants in edelweiss flowers. The anti-microbial antioxidant functions to eradicate bacteria and fungi also has anti-inflammation. In addition to health, this flower also protecting the youthfulness of the skin so the skin looks young and fresh. Beside that also to help normalize poor circulation, treat breast cancer, and cough.

Besides having a range of benefits for the body and beauty, this plant also very beautiful and Instagramable. In Indonesia, there are many mountains that have edelweiss garden but a number of places have more stunning views compared to other places. The following list:


The Most Beautiful Edelweiss Garden in Indonesia

  1. Mount Lawu

Around the climbing path of Mount Lawu, you can enjoy the freshness of the mountain air also the beautiful scenery of the edelweiss flower. Edelweiss flowers are not only white and brown but also purple, but purple flowers are rather difficult to see because they are located on the edge of a cliff and some are covered by the dominance of white and brown edelweiss.


  1. Kalimati, Mount Semeru

In the Kalimati area, which is a lane while climbing Mount Semeru, the edelweiss stretch with the background of Mahameru Peak will accompany your climb.


  1. Plawangan Sembalun, Mount Rinjani

Rinjani Mountain not only offers the beauty of Segara Anak Lake, but also a stretch of white edelweiss like giant cotton. This stretch is found in Plawangan Sembalun, Mount Rinjani, which is seen between rocky cliffs, clear hills and lakes.


The Most Beautiful Edelweiss Garden in Indonesia

  1. Mandalawangi Valley, Mount Pangrango

Mandalawangi Valley, Mount Pangrango is located in the Gunung Gede Pangrango National Park area, West Java Peak. Edelweiss garden looks lusher and the size of the flowers is bigger because of the location of the flower beds higher than the peak of Mount Gede. From a distance, this stretch is very special because it has a background of mountain salak.


  1. Alun-Alun Suryakencana, Mountain Gede

In addition to the Mandalawangi valley, in the Mountain Gede Pangrango National Park area, there is Alun-Alun Suryakencana which is a place of edelweiss flowers garden on Mount Gede. Alun-Alun Surya Kencana is also a place for climbers to rest and set up tents.


  1. Tegal Alun, Mount Papandayan

Tegal Alun is located on the Mount Papandayan hiking trail, this mountain is very beautiful and green, therefore, was nicknamed as Swiss van Java. In contrast to the Surya Kencana Square, in the Tegal Alun area, climbers are not allowed to set up tents. If you want to enjoy a stretch of Edelweiss, you need to go hiking before sunrise.


  1. Sabana two Mount Merbabu

In Sabana Dua Gunung Merbabu you can find Edelweiss garden which is along the climbing path leading to the summit of Triangulation. The view is very beautiful while enjoying the Edelweiss flowers against the background of Mount Merapi that stands gracefully.


edelweiss flowers bunga edelweis

Mount Pangrango

edelweiss flowers bunga edelweis

Mount Rinjani

edelweiss flowers bunga edelweis

Mount Semeru

edelweiss flowers bunga edelweis

Mount Lawu

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