Ecotourism in Singapore is an activity that can calm the heart and mind and refresh the brain and educate the tourists with the introduction of love for nature by doing nature conservation.


Singapore is a cosmopolitan country that plays an important role in international trade and finance. So naturally, the state of Singapore became the third financial center in the world.


Although a small country, Singapore became a tourist destination for tourists who come from abroad. In fact, most Indonesians make Singapore a must-visit destination because of the wide variety of interesting sights available, besides Singapore’s strategic location and are not that far from Indonesia.


Known as a modern state with a variety of luxury buildings and sophisticated facilities does not make Singapore forget to preserve the remaining natural environment.


Some of the eco-premises that Singapore has started to develop in order to become interesting sights which are Henderson Waves, Terrace Garden, and Forest Walk.


  1. Henderson Waves

Henderson Waves is the name of the tallest bridge in Singapore and was inaugurated in 2008. This bridge is a wave-shaped, curved and twisted along 274 meters at 36 meters altitude.

Henderson Waves is made of solid hardwood and steel. From the bridge, we can enjoy the cool air and see the grove of trees. From a distance also appear high-rise luxury buildings of Singapore. In addition to functioning as a road access, this bridge is usually also used for jogging and tracking.

To get to this place, we can take the MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) and get off at Harbor Front then take exit C, walk to Vivo City bus stop. Select bus number 145 for Henderson Road.

Arriving at the Henderson Road Stop, we cross the road and then climb over hundreds of stairs to the upper part of the park. After finding the board take the left and get to the highest bridge in Singapore.

Henderson Waves

Henderson Waves


  1. Terrace Garden

Been satisfied to visit Henderson Waves, we can continue to visit the Terrace Garden. This Terrace Garden is located in Telok Blangah Hill Park. The shape of this place is a field of land with an area of 34 hectares. The surrounding is overgrown with green trees and also bougenvile flowers. Around the steps leading upwards, there are various colorful and beautiful flowers.

The scenery is so beautiful from the top of the peak makes this place so comfortable. In addition to functioning tourist attractions, this place is also used as a place of sports such as jogging, yoga and tai chi. Even this place can also be used for pre-wedding photos.

Terrace Garden Singapore

Terrace Garden Singapore


  1. Forest Walk

Forest Walk is a path in the middle of the forest above the altitude. To get there we must pass Alexandra Arch. On the left and right, Alexandra Arch began to look trees with a wide range of sizes. After a few minutes walk, you will arrive at the iron bridge that is neatly arranged. Iron Bridge or Forest Walk is in the middle of the dense forest and is quite a high location.

Just like the two places earlier, the tourist attractions is a place of sports, especially jogging. Behind the tall trees loomed high-rise buildings of stout skyscrapers.

In addition to the woods in this forest, there are also many bamboo trees that dock on the left-right of the iron bridge. From the information board on the Forest Walk, there are 38 trees that are planted specifically to provide insects and birds.

This eco-tour in Singapore can be the right choice if you are visiting Singapore. By doing eco tours in Singapore we can deepen the experience and also increase more awareness of the environment.

Forest Walk Singapore

Forest Walk Singapore

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