Cynthia Ann Crawford or better known as Cindy Crawford was born on February 20, 1966. She is an American model and actress. She was crowned as one of the supermodels of the past few decades.


The modeling world made her an international celebrity and gained many roles on television and movie and also as a spokesperson for several well-known brands.


Currently, she is a mother who works and tries to adapt to a world that is more concerned about the environment so she changes her lifestyle to things that are more environmentally friendly.


It seems that the word “green” is on everyone’s tongue today, but her love for the environment appeared after she became a mother and had children.


As a mother, we certainly want to leave the earth with good condition for our children someday. In addition, children make her feel guilty because they care more about the environment than her.


They go to schools that really concerned about the environment where they do beach cleaning, distribute cloth bags and bottles that can be reused. It’s part of living in Malibu, and I don’t want my children to look down on me if they catch me throwing away plastic.


Cindy Crawford and Environment

She wants to be perfectly green, but then she realizes that it is impossible and should start by making change step by step. Do you know when you leave the equipment plugged in, the equipment is still running electricity? Previously she did not know about this.


She started by pulling out items such as a toaster, cell phone charger to the TV in the bedroom. She then realized that she can deal with it and was ready to take another new small step.


Her friend, Kelly Meyer, is an environmental activist, like a green teacher for her. She was doing an event for the Malibu Boys and Girls Club and talked about how to get recycled paper products for home use.


She realized that she was not ready to end the use of recycled toilet paper, but decided to live with recycled napkins and paper towels. Maybe she will start buying toilet paper too. Small steps will be beneficial in the long run.


Besides that, it is also about water because it is a drink that she always chose, but thinks of the idea that she must throw away all the plastic bottles because she already knows how her children feel if she keeps using disposable plastic.


Cindy Crawford and Thirsty for Change

She does beach cleaning and tries to use less plastic. After that, she thought about what she could do after that and found out to work with PUR, which is a water filtration company.


They will attach the tools to your faucet so you can use reuse the bottle. Sounds good but a water bottle that can be reused is a higher price than the plastic package that once threw away.


Another great thing as stated on their website,, if you buy a $ 19.99 bottle, which is the normal price for water with a reused packaging bottle – then the company will also provide safe drinks for children in undeveloped countries. As we know, children will die if they don’t have clean water.


According to Crawford, Americans use 50 billion bottles of water per year. Fifty billion bottles, only about 50 percent can be recycled, so there are about 38 billion bottles that are not recycled.


Cindy Crawford is also a committee member of the California wildlife center. This committee is responsible for the protection of native wildlife through rehabilitation, education, and conservation.


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