Accessories necklaces for a woman wearing hijab and kebaya sometimes is difficult to make choices. There are a number of tips for being able to look attractive with these additional accessories, especially when wearing traditional clothes like kebaya.


Kebaya is one type of traditional clothing worn by Indonesian women made of thin material combined with sarongs, batik, or other traditional clothing such as songket and woven with plain or colorful motifs.


Do you feel your kebaya looks too plain or feels bored if you just wear that kebaya? Maybe you can give a touch of accessories to give a more artistic impression and touch to the kebaya you wear. Do you need accessories that can be matched together to make your kebaya look more elegant? Here are 6 types of accessories that are suitable for women who use hijab and kebaya.


Necklace Accessories With Hijab

  1. Horn accessories with timeless model

Use a set of accessories with the same style to the kebaya worn. No need to be confused in determining the accessories that fit the kebaya because you can choose a set of the same accessories. Usually, this accessory consists of necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets. For those of you who are wearing hijab, you can wear a necklace and ring that are the same style when wearing a kebaya accompanied by a bracelet.


The necklace is an accessory that will further enhance the appearance of women and the hijab woman are now also wearing a statement necklace to make the appearance look more attractive. Necklaces have various shapes and for women wearing hijab, the use of necklaces can make your appearance looks more dynamic and elegant. One of the right choices for that is a horn necklace because it will keep you dynamic and elegant because the design of the horn necklace is timeless.


Besides the necklace accessories with hijab, What Other Accessories Are Suitable

  1. Headpiece tiara

The tiara headpiece will look perfect for those of you who want to appear like a princess. You can wear a tiara at the base of your head and make the appearance look like a fairy tale you dreamed of. Use this tiara headpiece accessory after using a veil or hijab.


3.Veil with classic style

The veil is a piece of bridal cloth that is worn over the head with different lengths and details. There are those that have a shape like a bird cage, a veil that has a closed model and covers the face, to a medium-size veil that only covers your veil.


Usually, the veil has a fold quite a bit over the shoulder and is along the upper arm and the longest part is above the elbow. This casual veil has become a favorite in the 1950s and until now still looks classic when used during weddings. For those of you who want to get married, a veil over the hijab and an elegant impression will immediately make you look like a princess.


  1. High heels shoes with stone details

The combination of hijab kebaya is combined with slippers that have stone details. Do not be afraid that your appearance will become more crowded with these shoes, instead of slippers with stone accents will give extra accents to create a glamorous impression that looks sparkling on appearance.


5.Brooches made from horns

Try to look in front of the mirror when you wear a kebaya. Differentiate your kebaya when wearing a brooch or without a brooch. Looks different, right? Brooches, especially from horns, will look ethnic and remain elegant when used as an accessory for your hijab kebaya. This is the necklace accessories with a hijab that can help you find ideas in combining and matching your looks.


Necklace Accessories With Hijab Aksesoris Kalung Untuk Kebaya Berhijab Necklace Accessories With Hijab Aksesoris Kalung Untuk Kebaya Berhijab Necklace Accessories With Hijab Aksesoris Kalung Untuk Kebaya Berhijab

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