Eco friendly bag is increasingly becoming a trend and loved because there are more attractive designs and social missions behind, that encourage customers to participate.


United Airlines companies have previously launched a unique collection of bags made from banner publications owned by their airlines that are no longer used. This time the Alaska Airlines airline followed the same footsteps using used materials from aircraft leather seats that were no longer used. Alaska Airlines reprocesses the old aircraft passenger seat into a variety of beautiful bag.


Alaska Airlines is collaborating with Looptworks to reuse old leather passenger seats from Horizon Air, a subsidiary of Alaska Airlines. The leather of the aircraft seat can be converted into various bags which are not only attractive designs but also high quality.


Eco Friendly Bag x Looptworks

Looptworks itself is a Portland-based brand that is well known for being able to process used goods into new high-quality products. The unused leather of an aircraft seat can create a collection of backpacks, wallets, laptop bags, tote bags, sling bags to weekender bags for men and women.


Many things make the bag special in the eyes of buyers. The bag collection labeled “Carry On Collection” is made to order, so this bag is classified as a limited edition. In addition, these bags are also employed persons with disabilities in Oregon and are produced handmade by local residents and offer a lifetime guarantee.


“Our mission is to inspire change, both for buyers and can be a model in the manufacturing industry because it is admitted is easier to make products from new materials compare to reprocessing existing materials,” said Scott Hamlin, founder of Looptworks.


This idea is also able to reduce the production needs of the leather in large quantities and reduce water use to 1,500 gallons per product. An upcycling product is expected not only to affect the environment and nature but also useful for the future of the sustainable fashion world. In addition, it can provide a second life for these used goods to become a more valued product to its customers.


Eco Friendly Bags as a Gift

Before you buy a new year gift, think about where the product comes from and what the mission of the company is and how to keep the material from being thrown away and make more waste. Buyers should be able to think about how the product is produced and how in the end the product will be discarded? Is there an alternative other than being trash forever. Looptworks always thinks about this. The products range from bags, iPad storage, and other accessories, from used materials.


The co-founder of the company, Scott Hamlin, said about the circle economy, and he doesn’t like the word throw away because it implies dirty. Instead, he chose to replace it with an excess word so that he and his business partner, Gary Peck, had created an upcycling business.


Airlines must dispose of more than 40 acres of skin used and replace with lighter leather. The smart move made by deciding not to throw away instead gave it to Looptworks and turned it into an eco-friendly bag with a touch of art.


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