After years of working in the world of luxury fashion, Agatha Lintott decided that a new way was needed so she opened Antibad, a multi-brand boutique that challenged the outdated perceptions of ethical fashion. She created a sustainability platform that prioritizes aesthetic beauty in 2017. This website is given the right name because it is a new face of eco-friendly fashion.


If you visit the website, at first glance, you might think that it is a very well-marketed boutique that is a mix of awesome minimalist designers like Stella McCartney plus a list of trendy indie brands. Maybe, later on, you will realize that all these brands are produced ethically.


Lintott will not force you by giving long lectures so you feel guilty for not shopping ethically. Instead, she wants to show that ethical fashion can easily be incorporated into one’s lifestyle through important things that are stylish, innovative, and cool.


Agatha Lintott  and Her Love to The Environment

Lintott has been involved in fashion since she was sixteen, first through the world of modeling and then moved to the business side where she worked in the purchasing department for Tom Ford and then Burberry. Throughout her career, she has seen the good and bad sides of the fashion industry. From there she began to be moved and felt that she needs to make the next step and that will be-be an important part of the solution.


She feels that eco-friendly fashion is only limited to one aesthetic in the past and it is important to change it. She feels that we are all in a period of excessive consumption where quantity exceeds quality and marketing has a big role in that. She recommends that consumers have more questions such as where is it made and by whom? Do I pay a reasonable price? She felt that being ‘environmentally friendly’ in the fashion industry was not only focused on main marketing but also important for business continuity.


Agatha Lintott and Antibad

Lintott is also happy because of the positive reactions of people as she moves from luxurious clothing to a greener world. She even began to apply this green mindset to other areas of life and has learned a lot from new friends and communities who are part of Antibad. But at the same time she realized that we shouldn’t feel burdened to change our entire lifestyle overnight, it’s all about praising small positive changes every day.


Lintott offers tips if you have trouble finding something new, a charity or antiques shop is an option to express creativity because there are many unexpected choices there. This is another reason why she includes vintage choices on her website.


She also said that she created Antibad for women who thought they would not be able to find clothing that was made environmentally friendly which they would use proudly to work, party, or vacation so through the Antibad website she could offer these alternatives. Agatha Lintott also points out that ethical fashion is something that makes sense and she wants to prove to people that we can be creative and at the same time we can take care each other and the planet.


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