Ully Sigar Rusadi is a popular singer in the 1980s who is the sister of the beautiful actress Paramitha Rusadi. Since childhood she always gets art and music education from her father. Her father who works as a soldier to make Ully move around following her father.


The woman who was born January 4, 1952 in Garut, West Java decided to move to Jakarta in 1975 to deepen her music knowledge. The knowledge was obtained by following various festivals. With the various festivals that she followed, many of the awards that Ully got makes her name become more famous in the music industry.


In addition to love for music, Ully is also someone who loves and cares about the environment. In addition to her profession as a singer, Ully is the founder and leader of Garuda Nusantara Foundation in 1985.


In 1986, Ully became a consultant and ambassador of the UNEP (United Nations Environment Program) who coordinated the activities of nature and helped countries make policy on all matters of nature and promote sustainable development in the world.


Ully also works as a movie star, Satyanugraha Award Advisory Board, Advisory Council of Kehati Award Award, Calpataru Award Balance Board and National Water Resources Council.


In 1990, she created an educational forest called Hutan Rumah Kita, an area of approximately 20 hectares in Cidaham, Lebak, Rangkas.


In 1996, Ully followed the Indonesian Environment Pandu movement, this movement has a goal to keep the surrounding community aware of the importance of protecting and preserving the environment. This movement teaches from small things like making garbage in place and not polluting the environment.


In 2002, Ully formed the Diklatsar Agency of the Indonesian Environment Guidelines. In 2004 Ully held a tree planting event at Gunung Pancar tourism park, Bogor, West Java.


She also attended the program of nature therapy and conservation of hot and cold water at Mount Pancar as well as making and implementing a natural conservation program in Sindang Kahuripan. Other programs conduct medicinal plants cultivation and illiteracy. Still in 2004, Ully went to Aceh to help the victims of the Tsunami disaster.


In 2007, she was also appointed as Environment Ambassador in Gianyar Regency, Bali after that in 2009 she established the Sansevieria Indonesia Lovers Community. In this community she tries to develop and maintain the Sansevieria park.


In 2012, Ully is also appointed as Environment Ambassador in Garut Regency, West Java, this award is given directly by Mr. Garut Regent, Aceng HM Fikri.


In 2015, Ully worked on a film about the environment about nature conservation, not littering, and not cutting trees at random. Still in the same year, Ully made a seminar on “Realizing Youth Pledge with Environmental Care”. On her seminar she was explaining about forest education programs, ecology and study of life conservation and conservation.


In March 2016, she received an international award thanks to the film she created in 2015. This award was given by Hollywood International Moving Picture Film Festival, USA.


According to Ully, preserving the environment by planting trees becomes the duty of everyone. Her concern for the environment is very high because half of her music school funds are distributed for nature conservation activities.


There are many good things that Ully does for her dedication to the environment. Let us follow the activities of Ully Sigar Rusadi to preserve the earth by preserving the environment.


Ully Sigar Rusady Ully Sigar Rusady Ully Sigar Rusady

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