Vegan shoes are not something new for some well-known brands such as Stella McCartney but are quite new innovation for some brands including Topshop, which has just launched their Topshop vegan shoes.


Topshop, which is one of the f fashion brands from the UK recently launched a unique collection of designs, namely vegan shoes. The collection consists of 12 pieces of designs from six styles of sandals, each comes in two different colors.


Not only are the material is vegan, but also how to make them because these shoes are made from non-animal and non-fish glue, making them 100 percent-friendly to vegans. Each pair of shoes will also be packaged in a box that has been made using vegan ingredients. Collections that are handmade in Spain, have been approved by animal rights organizations, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals or PETA.


Topshop Vegan Shoes with Birkenstock Style

Among the very unique pieces, one of which is Birkenstock-style shoes available in black and white, orange-heeled heels and pink snakeskin slingback. The shoes have affordable prices starting at £ 42 to £ 59 per pair.


In a statement, Topshop explained that the new footwear was just the beginning of plunging into vegan clothing that they would soon make as well as following other fashion brands that had already participated in sustainable fashion campaigns.


The shoe collection launched this April is their first vegan collection. Maddy Evans, the fashion director at Topshop, said that initially they focused on footwear but they were impatient to see how buyers responded to the collection and how far Topshop could push vegan products in all the accessories they offered.


Vegan Lifestyle Created the Idea of Topshop Vegan Shoes

Responding to the lifestyle of women, especially in big cities who care more about the environment not only in food products but also in clothing and accessories. At first, everything that can be labeled vegan is food or what is used but does not go directly into the body but now vegan philosophy is getting more general.


This was captured by Topshop because of the increasing number of people, especially women who are aware that fashion as an illustration of lifestyle is not only a visual problem that appears from the outside but also has a deeper value. The desire to create consumer awareness about the impact on the environment carried out by Topshop is in line with the desires of consumers who are increasingly concerned about vegan products, one of that is a warm welcome from the community towards the Topshop vegan shoes.


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