Meghna Nayak is one of the pioneers who recycled old saree fabrics into new clothes that are as beautiful as brand new saree. In general, after we finish using our saree fabric in a hundred different ways, the clothes usually end up in a trash can or donated. In the end, it could also be piled up in several corners of the house which were eventually forgotten or divided into small pieces that functioned as a kitchen towel.


Then, there are creative souls who wear old sarees to make everything from home decoration items such as pillowcases and coasters to fabric jewelry and specially made clothes.


Meghna Nayak and LataSita

LataSita is a brand of Meghna Nayak, a brand based in Kolkata, India. This product transforms the saree into unique and beautiful clothes. Talking about her initiative Nayak said that she wanted to add a touch to make the clothes more beautiful.


“I feel inspired and confident enough to start LataSita in India where we have a long history of recycling and I want to update and include it in a more stylish look.” Explaining its reach on the Facebook page, Meghna wrote, “Beautiful clothes that fit all shapes and sizes. Free in spirit, beautiful clothes, sexy, comfortable, feminine, and fun that are played with color, shape, and texture.”


Meghna Nayak and Sustainable Lifestyle

Meghna aims to move towards a more sustainable lifestyle, a goal that is spread through its brand. Even the description of LataSita’s Facebook page explains, “We believe that the business of social companies is a new wave of companies with a conscience, where the profits generated are monetary, social and environmental.”


“Social companies are a stepping stone from a business model today that can be more enlightened. What that means is that all surplus is put back into the project or into the community it serves, allowing us to carry out commercial activities with clean social benefits. “She continued.


The design has caught the attention of Arundhati Roy and Ayushmann Khurrana and people like the idea of ​​reintroducing certain fabrics into their lives because of the emotional value of the work. The best part about the brand? All used fabrics and post-production waste were donated to the NGO Anshu Gupta, Goonj, a long-known organization using a waste cloth to make sanitary napkins called My Pads to make menstrual hygiene a reality for the general public.


Now you know that old saree cloth that look boring can still be stunning after being recycled into kimono, palazzo pants and even skirts. Of course all that will look charming to anyone who sees it. If you are interested in trying out saree fabric that has been recycled by Meghna Nayak, you can directly buy it through her Facebook page.


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