Singer and songwriter Jack Johnson really inspire all of us when we talk about protecting and giving back to the planet. During the tour, he used sustainable biodiesel to drive tour buses and energy-efficient lighting at his tour sites. On top that, Jack’s headquarters, Brushfire Records, is made from recycled materials and all CD covers produced are made from recycled paper.


In 2003 Johnsons founded the Kokua Hawaii Foundation, a non-profit organization that supports environmental education in schools and communities in his native hometown of Hawaii. The Foundation’s mission is to provide students with interactive meetings that will enhance appreciation and understanding of their environment so that they will become lifelong guards of the earth.


Jack Johnson became the 50th member of 1% for The Planet and his album In Between Dreams became the first album to label 1% and his 2005 world tour promoted this mission. 1% For the Planet is a growing global movement in more than 1,200 companies that 1% of their sales are giving to a network of more than 3,300 environmental organizations worldwide.


The 2008 Jack Johnson tour and CD, Sleep Through the Static, took an environmentally friendly approach to all aspects of production and touring. In conjunction with the tour in 2008, Jack Johnson and the crew launched the “All At Once”, a social action network and global community based on the belief that individual actions, multiplied by millions, created global change.


All At Once connects people with local non-profits, online, and at the Jack Johnson concert, involving individuals to make positive changes using their actions, voices, and choices. 100% of tour profits in 2008 were used to establish the Johnson Ohana Foundation, a donation to support environmental education, arts, and music in the future.


The 2010-2011 To The Sea tour from Jack Johnson partnered with more than 220 non-profit partners to educate fans at every concert about plastic-free initiatives, sustainable local food projects, and other environmental issues. The 2013-2014 tour From Here To Now To You continues to build momentum for the All At Once and strengthen partnerships with non-profits throughout the world.


The Johnson Ohana Foundation provides direct donations and continues to finance many of these organizations through an annual grant program. In addition to funding environmental initiatives, the foundation continues to build relationships with grantees who offer music and art education for young people, especially in Hawaii and California.


The foundation has supported environmental art projects that integrate the sustainable local food and plastic-free initiatives. This total album and tour donation, along with Johnson’s personal charity, has generated more than $ 30 million donated to charity since 2001.


Jack Johnson and the Kokua Festival

The Kokua Festival raises funds for the Kokua Hawaii Foundation program and also serves as a venue for international environmental education that models green practices. Kokua Festival’s greening action includes non-waste stations, water filling stations, eco-friendly concert exhibitions featuring US-made organic cotton and 100% recycled paper waste, local and sustainable use of biodiesel in production vehicles and generators.


Jack Johnson and Green Tour

The tourist production team is at the forefront of the green tour movement and influences change at many levels in the industry. In 2005, Jack Johnson, along with his crew developed EnviroRider, an environmental handbook that presents environmentally friendly options.


In 2008, Johnson requested the help of the Reverb, the non-profit environment to carry out all green tourism efforts in place and to reach the fan. With the help of Reverb and the collaboration of fans around the world, Jack Johnson has succeeded in not only applying changes to all of his tours but also in involving fans to adopt sustainable practices.


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