H&M committed to showing that sustainable fashion has a place on the red carpet has been done very seriously. The Swedish multinational clothing retailer just announced last week the launch of their new sustainable line, the collection of The Conscious Exclusive. This involves innovative new materials that are becoming popular in a fashion world that free of cruelty, such as alternative skins made from pineapple and citrus fruit fibers.


The largest retail company from Sweden operates in more than 60 countries with more than 4,500 stores employing around 132,000 people, so that progress towards sustainability and cruelty-free certainly has the potential to have a major impact on the current and future fashion world. As we all know that fashion is the second largest pollution industry in the world.


H & M Committed to Conscious Exclusive Collection

According to Emily Scarlett, Head of US Communications at H & M, clearly explained the motivation behind their new sustainable collection, namely by creating the Conscious Exclusive Collection. This collection is inspired by the beauty of nature around and the importance of nature to the welfare of all of us. Minerals, trees, and plants have been translated to be a beautiful design and matching color palette.


H & M Conscious Exclusive Collection is a fashion collection that aims to move fashion and sustainable development and innovation towards the future of sustainable fashion.


H&M Committed to uses Alternative Materials

The retail company also uses new vegan/leather fabrics. Newly introduced sustainable materials include Orange Fiber – made from by-products that have been re-processed from the remaining waste from orange juice, to make cellulose fabrics such as silk. In addition, there is also a material made of pineapple skin (Pantex) which is an alternative to natural skin made from cellulose fibers extracted from pineapple leaves, waste from pineapple harvesting. Another new ingredient is BLOOM Foam, which is a flexible plant-based foam that uses algae from freshwater sources that are at high risk for developing algae.


Collection of recycled clothing is available in all their stores throughout the world. In addition, customers can also contribute to protecting the earth from the increasing carbon footprint by donating unused clothing from any brand to the clothing recycling box in exchange for 15% of their purchases.


H & M’s decision to stop using fur, mohair, and skin is one of the steps that really gives a positive impact on the survival and welfare of animals, especially endangered animals. For this company, animal welfare is very important. As a company, they want to act ethically, transparently and responsibly, which includes ethical treatment to animals. H & M does not sell real fur and only accepts skin from animals that are kept for meat products such as buffalo and sheep.


Other vegan products will continue to be launched because they continue to look for innovative materials and processes that can make products more sustainable. They are committed to showing that sustainable fashion has a place on the red carpet and makes it part of the standard offer in the store.


At present, 56% of the materials used by H & M to make clothing are organic, recycled or other sustainable materials. The goal is that each year can increase the share of sustainable ingredients in the use of their total ingredients. By doing so, H & M committed to making more environmentally choices so it’s available to all.


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