Since a few days ago a charity shop with quite a different appearance appeared on London’s Marylebone High Street, the Harrods charity shop. The floral pop-up shop is Harrods’s new venture, in collaboration with the NSPCC (National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children).


NSPCC is a charity that defends children, demands that the law be amended and take action to protect them better. The charity wants to convey the message that each individual have a responsibility to keep children free from harassment, and we must do everything possible to protect children and prevent such abuse from occurring.


Harrods aims to bring samples of luxury clothing that they already have to high-street buyers at very cheap prices. Upon entering the ‘Fashion re-told’ store, it will feel a truly luxurious experience, with minimal clothing racks that display exclusive items and elegantly placed accessories. All the luxurious clothes are arranged in a flamboyant flower decoration and a fresh aroma from Jo Malone that feels floating in the air.

The impression of luxury is increasingly reinforced by a clothing collection that is surrounded by the works of top designers like Stella McCartney, Hermes, Chloé, Andrew GN, and MCM. There you find yourself dealing with luxury labels, while simultaneously realizing that all funds will be used for the extraordinary work carried out by NSPCC.


In addition to raising money for important charitable activities, this store challenges customers’ perceptions of used and old clothes, with a true ongoing spirit. Now the second year the store has been running, the pop-up shop has raised £ 110,000 for charity last year and has high hopes of making more this year.


Harrods Charity Shop for Sustainable Luxury Clothing

A spokesman for Harrods said about the importance of storing beloved second-hand items and how to shop for luxury clothing more sustainably because clothing tends to last longer.


“We see that more luxury clothing consumers are increasingly aware of the effects of fast fashion, and want to invest in quality goods that will last for them. Now they are turning to shop for vintage/sustainable items, or buying items from social enterprise brands. Fashion Re-told is a way to shop with these three methods and is actually a motivation behind the launch of this store. ”


Harrods Charity Shop in Marylebone

Marylebone not only gave rise to a wonderful experience to see, but it was also the location of various events and talks about the theme of ‘Fashion retold’ throughout the month of May. Speakers who care about sustainable fashion such as Lucinda Chambers, Serena Hood and Stacey Duiguid (Harrods Editorial Director of Fashion) will be the speakers of this month.


This Harrods charity shop is open seven days a week from May 2 to June 2 and is located at 51 Marylebone High Street. We recommend seeing and investing in something you will wear for life.


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