It’s quite difficult to find shoes that are cute, comfortable, and environmentally friendly. But now no need to worry anymore because Alice + Whittles provides a new solution. This shoe is one of the sustainable brands that were launched back in 2015 with a view to designing a collection of footwear that is functional but more luxurious than natural and recycled materials. Based on this concept, it can be said that they succeeded in making shoes with that taste.


Each pair of these shoes is handmade in Portugal using recycled leather leftover from European luxury car seats that would normally be sent to landfills. The material used by using a soft leather top, this beautiful shoe also offers durable rubber soles.

Alice + Whittles

Alice + Whittles With the Current Styles

This is because the ingredients provide excellent attractiveness and an antibacterial veg layer based on plants to reduce dependence on petrochemicals. This is one of the reasons why these shoes won’t scratch into the skin and cause blisters. In addition, the shoelaces use a material made of cotton wax.


“We are not trying to bring more goods to market but goods that have functional aspects. There are market needs and we can build according to our ethos. We are perfecting a manufacturing model that really strives to reduce as little damage to the environment as possible and help empower the surrounding community while making contemporary fashions, fashion that is accessible and liked by people. “ Stated the co-founder Sofi Khwaja.

Alice + Whittles

Alice + Whittles Using Sustainable Materials

The shoe brand is owned by a married couple, Sofi Khwaja and Nick Horekens, who meet as UN refugee aid workers in Tunisia. After witnessing the effects of war in the region, the two established this shoe brand as a way to create positive change in the world. The way A + W works in two directions: they not only care about the environment but also the people who make the product.


Luxa Minimalist shoes can now be obtained at a price of $ 160 per pair with two color choices of rubber soles namely black or white. In addition to selling sneaker leather shoes, Alice + Whittles also sell boots with Ankle Rain models. Boots made from natural rubber from forests that are managed sustainably in Sri Lanka can be found online on their official website.


Alice + Whittles

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