Lush Egg Foundation is the first foundation that was released by a cosmetic product brand from the UK named Lush. This foundation has unusual shapes and materials. In addition, this product is also environmentally friendly because it is made from natural and plastic-free materials.


So far, plastic has become a big enemy that must be fought by the colony. The spread is increasingly rampant, in the packaging of food, drinks, cosmetics, and so on. The more people who use plastic, the closer the planet gets to its destruction.


Plastic is a material that is very difficult to decompose. It takes hundreds of years for the plastic to be able to parse, but planetary inhabitants certainly won’t be able to wait for hundreds of years so that the plastic stack can decompose completely and the environment becomes clean.


Many ways are done to avoid plastics, many products are switched to plastic-free materials. Even though they still use plastic, they prefer recycled plastic or biodegradable materials. Not only the main ingredient, many product packaging also leaves plastic and uses other alternatives that are more environmentally friendly.


Get to know Lush and Lush Egg Foundation

Lush is a beauty product brand based in Poole, Dorset, United Kingdom. The company was founded by Mark Constantine and Elizabeth Weir. Mark, an expert in Trichology, met with Liz, a beauty therapist at one of the hair and beauty salons in Poole, UK. Unexpectedly, their unintentional meeting actually gave birth to a business that sells beauty products and natural hair care.


Lush produces cosmetic items such as creams, soaps, shampoos, bath soaps, gels, lotions, moisturizers, scrubs, masks, and the like for facial, hair and body treatments. Their products are 100% vegetarian because they are only made using vegetarian or vegan recipes.


Usually, the products created contain fruits and vegetables such as grape juice, vanilla seeds, avocado oil, rosemary flowers, fresh papaya, and coconut. However, some products are not 100% vegan because they still contain lanolin, milk, eggs, honey, and beeswax.


However, for the foundation products that were recently released, the ingredients used were 100% vegan. Even though the packaging is egg-shaped, it doesn’t touch animals at all. That is only part of the aesthetic value alone.


Lush Egg Foundation

This foundation is made from materials that are free of violence against animals, such as the commitment that has been held by this brand. Lush Product ‘Egg’ Foundation is packed with candles as a substitute for plastic which is polluting the environment. Not only that, this product is also equipped with cardboard boxes that can be recycled and can be resealed after using the product to protect it.


The lush brand foundation is released in 40 different color gradations, including colors that are warm, cool, and neutral. Each ‘egg’ foundation is a combination of ingredients that are friendly to the skin – containing 45% of outstanding coconut oil and Moroccan argan oil which moisturizes and easily blends naturally with the skin.


Not only that, the more amazing thing about this product is that Lush gave 10% profit from the sale of coconut oil in his foundation to be donated to nonprofit organizations that provide literacy classes and dental health services in Indonesia, precisely on Nias island.


Argan oil which is used as a material for making this foundation is also harvested from women’s cooperatives in Morocco. Thus, Lush has expressed the concern and support for the welfare of women and their families.


This product is sold in very limited quantities, only available for one month and released on June 29, 2018. With all the advantages it has, this foundation is sold at a price that is quite affordable, namely £ 16.95. Besides being affordable, using this product will be enough evidence that you are a community that is aware of the environment. Lush Egg Foundation is one of the most environmentally friendly cosmetics.


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