When you have 1 or more items in your cart (see top right) and you wish not to add more, you can “proceed to checkout”.
Don’t forget to select type of shipping. Free Shipping is only available within Indonesia, outside Indonesia we charge a flat rate shipping fee.


Billing and Shipping Details

You are now asked to fill in the billing details. When you are a returning/registered user you can login so you don’t need to fill in all your details again.

Your order will be shipped to the billing address. If you wish for your order to be shipped to an other address (e.g. present) please check the box on the right hand side and fill in the shipping details.

billing details

Payment Option 1 (Direct Bank Transfer)

We offer a few ways to make payment for your order.
1) Direct Bank Transfer
Our bank details and your ‘Order ID’ will show after you hit the “place order” button.
You can now make payment by online banking or by ATM.
Please use your ‘Order ID’ as a payment reference.

NOTE: After placing your order you have 12 hours time to make a successful payment!
After 12 hours without a successful payment your order will be automatically cancelled and the items become available to other customers again.

payment option 1

Payment Option 2 (Paypal)

2) Paypal
You can make online payment with your credit/debit card even when you don’t have a Paypal account!

payment option 2

Paypal Option 1 (with Paypal account)

When you are directed to the Paypal website you have 2 options for making a payment.
1. Login as a registered Paypal user.

paypal option 1

Paypal Option 2 (without Paypal account)

2. Pay with your credit/debit card (no need to register to Paypal).

paypal option 2

After you make a successful payment with Paypal you will receive below message.
You can click the link to return to our website.

paypal successful payment
After you return to our website you get the “Order Received” message.
paypal back to sb order confirmation

When you still have questions, please contact our customer care

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