The easiest way to navigate our store is to click the ‘SHOP’ button (1.) in the top.
You now see ‘CATEGORY’ buttons (2.) to refine your search or you can scroll through our store by clicking the pages (3.) in the bottom of every page.
You can sort the store items (4.) on price and newness.
NOTE: The category buttons (2.) only show on page 1

nav buttons


When you click on a product, the screen becomes bigger and you see more information related with the product.
When you like the item and you wish to purchase the item, you can click the “Add to Cart” button.
The easiest way to get back to the listings after you have added an item to your cart or after clicking on a product, is by clicking on the “Back” button in your browser.
You can also go back to the listing page by clicking one of the buttons circled in red below.

return to category


After you click the “Add to Cart” button you will see the message “*product name* has been added to your cart”.
On the top right side you see your cart has been increased with 1 item.
By clicking on the shopping cart logo or by clicking the “View Cart” button you can see what is in your cart.

add to cart

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